From Peru, for You!


I am Yuliett; a Designer, a traveller and, most of all, a Peruvian alpacas lover. I´m inspired by the Andes design, textile and fashion. My life spans through three amazing worlds: Lilla, a small village in the cava region of Catalonia, The Hague, an elegant town of The Netherlands country and the lively Peruvian capital Lima.

I remember my first visit to Cusco in 2004 with the intention to discover my roots. Cusco is a magical small town with hidden streets. During me journey I came across alpacas and learned about their breeding, shearing process, spinning and the traditional weaving technique in the high Andes. I was impressed by skilful hands of native Peruvian women who create amazing textile masterpieces. The geometric patterns reflect the Inca’s extraordinary sense of order and symmetry, while the vibrant colours stir the senses and imagination.

What I like most about Peru, is getting lost in the local marketplaces, Like Pisac Market,  searching for special pieces that make you feel they are more than just decorative. They tell a story too. I love Peruvian textile made out of colourful fabrics and extremely soft alpaca wool which represents a precious source of income for many families, and is considered one of the finest luxury fibres in the world.

Impressed by Peruvian dedication to conserve the ancient cultural heritage and by their respect for nature, I found the inspiration to make my dreams come true – to help families from remote areas of Peru devoted to farming and textile production.

Baby Alpaca Sale has been born in 2005 with the mission to sale Peruvian products around the world, we sale unique decorative pieces for home, that combine the beauty of the Andean design, a remarkable tradition of art weaving and comfort of alpaca fibre. With each purchase we support local craft and preserve the remarkable cultural heritage from the Andes.

I offer you alpaca products that stir your imagination and take you to the land of alpacas and back in time of the great Inca Empire.

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